Professional Workshops (beginners and follow-on levels) are organized and regularly scheduled at Gallery and Studio venues in Co. Kilkenny and Dublin.

Full day / half day workshops can be arranged for community groups at their own venues and can be integrated into collaborative / participatory art projects.

Workshops for beginners and for more experienced participants include:

  • Traditional and Contemporary Hand Paper Making
  • Sculptural Paper Making and Paper Art
  • Silk Fibre Paper Making
  • Batik (traditional and contemporary techniques)
  • Wet Felting and Mask Making (using plaster cloth for sculpting processes)
  • Dry Point (Intaglio) Print Making f- or small groups only


Professional Visual Arts Programme for Primary Schools:

  • Linked to all strands of the Visual Arts Curriculum
  • A professional and inspiring programme designed and tailored for primary schools, students and their teachers
  • CPD courses for teachers (at Education Centres, at schools and for Croke Park Hour training sessions)
  • A regular programme is running in Co. Waterford since 2016 – with nearly 30 schools involved to date. This programme is 50% match funded by Waterford Co.Co. Arts Office


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2 thoughts on “WORKSHOPS / COURSES

  1. Hi could you put me on the mailing list for any classes and workshops you will be doing. I’ve heard of some that you are doing remotely at the moment and I’m really interested.
    Thank you


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