Artist`s Statement

TUNDE TOTH Artist`s Statement 2018

Tunde Toth is a visual arts practitioner and arts educator based working in Ireland since 1998.

Tunde`s professional practice includes the development, management and delivery of participatory, inclusive visual arts programmes and projects, engaging audiences from diverse backgrounds in various contexts. She has been working collaboratively with communities of place or interest, schools, artists, community groups, children, young people and adults as well as intergenerational groups and people with special needs – devising engaging and inclusive projects. She has extensive experience working in formal and non-formal settings of arts education in Ireland. She has developed and delivered exhibition/gallery based responsive engagement programmes at the Municipial Gallery of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Arts Office (at Lexicon) and at Butler Gallery among other organizations.

These projects link areas of community engagement, educational projects, participation, research and  art making processes.

Through the research and development of these projects Tunde explores different forms of participation: she is interested in collaborative working processes where participants shape, identify and `re-imagine` both process and outcomes – they are in a dialogue with their project. While making work, they also become active contributors to the documentation of their process. She explores the possible forms of co-authorship, co-ownership for each work and investigates the relevant ethical questions. Ethical issues related to documentation, evaluation, participants` consent, archives and the “after-life” of these archives are the main areas of her current MA studies (LIT School of Art and Design, MA SPACE Programme, to be completed in September 2018). She is working in the overlapping areas of participatory, collaborative and pedagogic art and social arts practices.

Previous studies and qualifications include MA Literature (1998 at Pecs University, Hungary).


Studio based practice:

Tunde`s recent art works explore aspects of memories, remembrance and visual recollections of space, built environments, landscape and time. She uses processes linked to traditional and contemporary paper making techniques – combined with painting, intaglio print making and textile art forms. Her practice is responsive, reflective and experimental – the work involves interactive and collaborative processes.



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