I create, devise and deliver creative workshops for and with:

Arts organisations, cultural institutions – including galleries, museums, temporary exhibitions, collaborative events, shared venues, public initiatives, libraries, etc.

Schools and other educational institutions or initiatives

Communities, community networks or groups, gatherings and events, social initiatives

WORKSHOPs mean creativity, participation and inclusion – in all possible forms:

collective and/or individual art making

collective learning and experimenting – we all have something to teach and learn

introduction to methods, techniques, traditions and contemporary approaches – Hand Paper Making, “Social Paper”: Paper Making and Environmental activism, Deep Creative Mapping, Print Making, Origami – and often a combination of these

discussions, listening and sharing

collective social action – for example local activism or commons addressing the climate crisis, environmental issues, urban renewal etc.

WORKSHOPs are available in ENGLISH at the moment – still learning German (and Viennese:)), will update when I have the confidence!

WORKSHOPs can be arranged:

in Vienna: any location

in Ireland: Dublin and in the South-East, only where there is public transport

CONTACT me directly to discuss:

Or on phone: +353 (0)87 2543362

TAGS: #art workshops, #workshop, #CPD, #participatory project, #art in schools, #paper making, #paper art, #batik, #activist art, #climate crisis, #contemporary paper art, #collective learning, #experimental learning. #creative mapping, #participation, #gallery workshops, #museum workshops, #hand paper making, #social paper, #collective art making, # co-creation

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