`Community Cabinets` – Installation Project – Tunde Toth – 2014


Participating Community Group: Kill O`Grange Active Retirement Group

Participation: weekly workshops, 20 hrs contact time

Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown County Council Arts Office; Lexicon Library  2014

Artist: Tunde Toth

Processes: Contemporary Paper Art, Silk Fibre Paper Making, Felt Making, Embroidery/Stitch, Soft wire construction

Location specific temporary installation

The idea of the `Community Cabinet` display was approached as a way to introduce the group to a wider public and

as an opportunity for imagining and creating an artistic installation where everyone`s work is represented.

We considered the cabinet as a piece of glass and metal furniture, with a minimalist touch, in a contemporary building and modern environment.

Following discussions and conversations about the location and the environment the group decided that their works will be created with nature and natural forms in mind and the cabinet will be filled with lightweight, colourful, striking pieces of silk fibre flowers, vegetation and butterflies – a floated or suspended installation of a `garden`, referencing life, energy and growth.

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