S A F E Project: Suitable Access For Everyone

Everything Is a Journey

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Arts Participation Project 2022 – initiated and facilitated by Tunde Toth

Fully funded through the Arts Participation Project Award (Round 1, 2022) by the Arts Council of Ireland

Lead Artist: Tunde Toth – artist. researcher. educator. paper maker. www.tundetoth.com

Artistic Contributor: Sarah Bowie – author. illustrator. comic book artist. www.sarahbowie.com

Project Partners:

Deenview Centre, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

IWA (Irish Wheelchair Association) Waterford City, Ireland

Connections Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland

We are people coming together in three diverse groups in Ireland.

We explore experiences of inclusion, exclusion, communication challenges and access barriers.

We share the good, the not so good and the troubling in our lives.

Some of us can walk on our legs. Some of us have wheels for legs. Sometimes, the car is our legs.

Some of us can travel. Some can’t.

We all think. We all feel. We are all humans.

We use creativity to tell, to question, to share, to show, to research, to learn,

to make visible.

We aim for social justice.

We fight ableism.

We seek

Suitable Access For Everyone.