KOZO Studio Workshop Programme June – July 2016

CONTACT: 087-2543362


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11 June (Saturday): EMBROIDERY– Beginners
10.30am – 5pm

Tutor: ALEXIS BERNSTORFF, artistic director of the ROS TAPESTRY

This workshop will teach 6 principal stitches and their variations – using wool, cotton/silk and metallic threads. Participants will be inspired by a range of techniques to realise various designs. Alexis has 15 years experience teaching crewelwork embroidery and is the guide behind the dynamics of the Ros Tapestry. 

€ 70 for the full day – including all materials 


12 June (Sunday): PAPER MAKING DAY– Beginners
10.30am – 1pm HAND PAPER MAKING – Introduction to traditional and contemporary techniques of making beautiful handmade papers from pure plant fibres and a range of recycled materials.

2.30 – 5pm SILK FIBRE PAPERMAKING – A truly fascinating, contemporary technique for making `fabric-like`, colourful silk papers using raw silk fibres and fabric dyes. Easy to continue and set up at home, this process is ideal to create unique interior decorations and striking silk papers for artworks, embroidery, collages…etc.

Fees for each workshop: € 35                     OR: € 65 for the full day – including all materials 


18 June (Saturday)
10.30am – 5pm BATIK Workshop – Beginners
A full day programme introducing an ancient technique of fabric dyeing where hot wax is used as a resist.

Participants will learn all necessary basic techniques – and complete three small/medium batik pieces with up to 4 colours on cotton fabric and/or paper.
€ 75 for the full day, including all materials


16 July (Saturday)
10.30am – 5pm Felt Making Workshop – Beginners

The workshop introduces wet felting techniques using dyed and un-dyed Merino wool and silk fibre inclusions.
Learn to design and make a unique wall piece or a small but beautiful felted bag. Participants will make a small practice piece before progressing to a larger project.

€ 75 for the full day, including all materials


17 July (Sunday)

10.30am – 5.30pm Paper Making and Paper Art Follow-on Course – Advanced Level

Designed for participants who already work with paper/fibre based processes, this course offers assistance and guidance in areas of three dimensional, sculptural and installation based works, experimental processes of batik, wax based works on paper, paper dyeing and texturing. It also covers ideas for the preparation and use of plant based pulps (without added chemicals). Participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas and questions into the workshop and invited to show and discuss previous works and projects.

Places are limited for 5 participants.
€ 80 for the full day, including all materials

BOOKINGS are confirmed with € 30 deposit paid in advance.* Courses are run for small groups only so please call to book early.
With any questions, for advice or check availability and for all BOOKINGS please contact TUNDE directly:
* DEPOSITs are returned if the Studio has to cancel a workshop. Cancellations from participants will be accepted up to 2 weeks before the course date and deposits will be returned. In other cases participants may be offered rescheduled dates/options.

EASTER Break Art Workshops for Children at KOZO Studio


for CHILDREN from 4 years of age

19, 21, 22 MARCH         Satruday/Monday/Tuesday

 11am – 12.30pm daily: workshops for 4 – 7 year olds

€10 per participant per workshop

2 – 4pm daily: workshops for older children

€15 per participant per workshop



Tutor/facilitator: Tunde toth, visual artist and arts educator

Contact, info and bookings:


E: tundetune@gmail.com


Workshop Programme – KOZO Studio, April 2016


Continue Your New Creative Year with 

Inspiring Courses

at KOZO Studio!


for Beginners

10.30 am – 1 pm HAND PAPER MAKING

FELT MAKING for Beginners

10.30 am – 5 pm
Introducing WET FELTING techniques using dyed and un-dyed merino wool and silk inclusions. Create a beautiful wall piece or a small handmade bag!


10.30 am – 5 pm 
Introducing traditional and contemporary processes of an ancient fabric dyeing technique where hot wax is applied to a cloth to act as a resist.


Professional Courses for small groups of participants in an inspiring studio environment at The Estate Yard, Castlecomer Discovery Park, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.

Contact: 087-2543362
http://www.tundetoth.com      E: tundetune@gmail.com

MIDTERM Art/Craft Workshops for Children at KOZO Studio 19 – 20 February

Workshops for Children at KOZO Studio

During MIDTERM BREAK – suitable for children from 4 years of age

19th and 20th February (Friday – Saturday)

12 – 4 pm daily

Each activity lasts for 1 hr 30 min approx. – choices include ORIGAMI, WEAVING/PAPER WEAVING, PRINT MAKING 

You can arrive any time between 12 and 4 pm.

€ 10 per participant, previous booking is advisable, limited places are available

Contact: 087-2543362


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BATIK Workshop for Beginners at KOZO Studio 21 February

21 Februar 10.30 am – 5.30pm

BATIK Techniques – a full day course for beginners

This course introduces traditional and more contemporary processes of this ancient fabric dyeing technique where hot wax is used as a resist on cloth.

Participants will learn about materials, tools and various wax application techniques and will complete 2/3 pieces of Batik work with up to 3/4 layers of wax and colour.

€ 70 – including all materials

Contact for more info and bookings:


KOZO Studio and Gallery, The Estate Yard, Castlecomer Discovery Park, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

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KOZO Art Club for Children – Spring/Summer Term starts on 2 February at KOZO Studio

KOZO ART CLUB for Children – STARTING on 2 February!

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A professional, non competitive arts programme

for children from 6 years of age

After school, every Tuesday 3.30 – 5pm

at KOZO Studio, The Estate Yard, Castlecomer Discovery Park, Co. Kilkenny

The programme includes Paper Making, Drawing, Painting, Textile Arts, Origami, Print Making and a special EXHIBITION of the children`s works at the Studio

Once-off Registration fee: € 10 (at the start of the programme)
Workshops fees: € 12 per child (on attendance, at each session)
Including ALL materials and art diaries.
Contact: Tunde on 087-2543362

Email: tundetune@gmail.com

CHRISTMAS Themed Workshops at KOZO Studio

DESIGN and MAKE your own Festive Decorations!

CREATE those unique Handmade Gifts!

You will work with professional artists and makers at KOZO Studio to design and create beautiful decorations, handmade cards and gifts while learning skills in Hand Paper Making, Paper- and Textile Arts.

All workshops are suitable for the complete beginner as well as for participants with some previous experience.

The courses are run for small groups, with limited number of places available only.

Book early to avoid any disappointment!

Tunde Toth – Artist, Arts Educator
E: tundetune@gmail.com


Venue: KOZO Studio and Gallery, Castlecomer Discovery Park, Co. Kilkenny


21 and 28 November Workshops for CHILDREN and FAMILIES

(both Saturdays with the same programme) 

11am – 1pm:  F E L T   M A K I N G   and   T E X T I L E S   (for all age groups)

2 – 4pm:   S I L K   F I B R E   P A P E R   M A K I N G   (from 6 years)

5 December (Saturday): Workshops for ADULTS

10am – 12.30pm:   H A N D   P A P E R   M A K I N G   (Traditional paper making process where you will make textured and unique handmade papers and cards decorated with dried plants, herbs and silk threads)

1.30 – 3.30pm:   S I L K   F I B R E   P A P E R   M A K I N G   (Make striking interior decorations using a variety of silk fibres, metallic threads and fabric dyes)

4 – 6.30pm:   B A T I K   (Traditional fabric dyeing technique where hot wax is used as a resist on cloth and paper)

6 December (Sunday):

10.30am – 1pm:   E M B R O I D E R Y   and   T E X T I L E S   for CHILDREN and FAMILIES

2 – 5pm:   E M B R O I D E R Y   Workshop for ADULTS (Beautiful decorative stitches and small designs on your finished Silk Papers, Batik pieces /on canvas)


Prices include all materials:

Adult Workshops: € 35 per workshop OR € 85 for any three

Children/Family members: € 10 per workshop per participant per workshop

Family participation (Family workshops): please contact Tunde for a quote

Previous bookings and deposit payments are necessary to secure a place.

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